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Monday, September 24, 2007

Enterprise Open Source Magazine article

Enterprise Open Source magazine just published an article I wrote on business adoption of open source solutions for mission-critical applications. The article analyzes the results of a study that Unisys commissioned from Forrester Consulting. Based on interviews with nearly 500 IT decision-makers worldwide, the research shows that adoption of open source isn't driven primarily by cost, as many might suppose, but by freedom -- freedom to use this powerful technology to solve their most pressing business problems the way they need to, without arbitrary restrictions imposed by any one vendor or self-appointed regulatory body. What are your experiences? I look forward to hearing your feedback.


Kirsten said...

This article was passed around my office - found it very interesting! We are planning an Open Source conference in San Diego this November which will focus on implementing Open Source in corporate IT (very relevant to this article!!). I would love for you to come and speak at the event (One Course Source - Open Source Conference). If you would be interested, please do email me at Sincerely hope to hear from you!

Anthony Gold said...

Thanks for the comments Kirsten. If I can make that session, I will definitely attend. I'll connect with you via email.

Sergey said...

Thanksm I enjoyed article very much

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