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Monday, May 07, 2007

Open Source for Knowledge & Learning Management

A new textbook aimed at universities and researchers deals with how private and public sector institutions evaluate open source software alongside traditional software. The book, Open Source for Knowledge and Learning Management, includes a chapter by Christian Wernberg-Tougaard (Unisys director of Marketing and Communications, Global Public Sector, Continental Europe) entitled, "Evaluating Open Source in Government: Methodological Considerations in Strategizing the Use of Open Source in the Public Sector." I had the honor of reviewing and editing this chapter, which places particular emphasis on our detailed experiences integrating open source solutions for many clients.

The many benefits of FOSS have made it attractive to public sector institutions, but a successful implementation of FOSS in government, Wernberg counsels, should be based on a solid evaluation of the impact open source will have on an organization. Wernberg presents a well-thought-out and comprehensive methodology (based on the 3D-VE modeling approach) addressing how governments can go about making the best and cheapest choices when facing the challenge of how to gain maximum business value from open source solutions.

Christian and his fellow editors (including Patrice Emmanuel Schmitz, director EU Consultancy Practice) included much of the Unisys knowledge expertise in this area. The result is a wonderful chapter that sheds light on the decision-making factors to be considered when integrating FOSS in government. Check it out today; the book is available at Amazon, as well as other major retailers.


Michael said...

Also available in UK/Europe from (~GBP 42.50, free delivery in UK).

Looks like a very solid read with 400+ pages.

Anthony Gold said...

Thanks for the plug Michael. If you'd like a signed copy, I can probably arrange it :-).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog, it's good to read some motivating words :-)

CWT said...

Anthony, thanks for the thoughtful comments - and your skillful peer review of the book chapter!

As I have been giving several presentations of the framework/generic evaluation model developed, those that would want to know more could go to my blog (Digitized Service Society) (


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